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Notaries listed in this website are licensed, bonded and Commissioned by the Governor of Florida to perform notarial acts on legal & important documents anywhere in the State. They can also perform Wedding Ceremonies and notarize your Marriage Application and License.  

Whether you want a one-on-one simple [affordable] wedding or a full blown [more expensive] most memorable wedding, these notaries will be able to assist you.

Notarial acts on regular documents start at only $10.00, per page, that requires a notary stamp & signature, plus the cost of mileage, gasoline & time spent. The cost of the Marriage Ceremony depends on several factors, including time, date, location, and dress code. We recommend that you contact the Mobile Notary that's closest to you, to discuss your wedding plans and you'll be told the total cost.


  •  Agreements & Contract Signings

  •  Affidavits/Sworn Statements

  •  Cash Settlement Signings

  •  Debt Consolidation Signings

  •  Insurance & VA Claim Forms

  •  Last Will & Testament Signings

  •  Marriage Application & License

  •  Mortgage Forms

  •  Parental Piercing Permission Forms

  •  Parental Tattoo Permission Forms

  •  Power of Attorney Forms

  •  School & Medical Health Forms

  •  Sports Permission Forms

  •  VIN Verification Forms

  • Wedding Ceremony




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Also, In the United States of America a Notary Public is not a lawyer unless he/she graduated from Law School and passed the State Bar.  


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The Office of the Notary Public is an independent directory and advertising company and therefore, we cannot guarantee nor recommend the services [and results] of any of our Members.

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